Cosplay Shenanigans Featuring Lackadaisy's Mordecai and a Megamind OC!
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So I wanted to be productive today but instead got the urge to try on some of the costumes I've been throwing together (mostly with things I already had)

First up, we have Lackadaisy's Mordecai, created by Tracy Butler. buy me this hat, and some cufflinks.

Then we've got my OC for an in-progress Megamind Fanfic.  Now I don't have the Golden Fiddle...but here's Johnny!

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The as of yet unnamed gun.
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 Air restrictors removed, Russian Roulette (makes the cylinders pop out farther), added pennies to compress the spring, many hours with a dremmel tool, and the removal of the shield on the cylinders.

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Of Gods and House
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 I watched Troy again today. I hadn't seen it since it first went on DVD. I forgot how much I hated Paris (in general), loved Sean Bean as Odysseus, Brian Cox as Agamemnon, and the amazingly complex (and morally aberrant) Achilles.

Hector, too, was awesome. And while Helen was cute, I was much more attracted to Briseis. Not just 'cause I like brunettes more than blonds, but she showed much more strength and a little blood on the lip never hurt anyone.

The movie wasn't Braveheart, by any stretch, but it was good. My largest frustrations was where they changed elements of the myth. Ajax should not have died (though they cast him really well), and Agamemnon should have died by his wifes blade rather than Briseis (but that's acceptable).

The interesting thing is how Wolfgang Petersen completely removed the overt mechanizations of the gods from the story and the effect that that had on the characters motivations, particularly Achilles who was the very picture of nihilism.

In my mind, that did make the movie more watchable (especially during the fight between Hector and Achilles). Frankly because, even though I grew up reading them, I now realize that 99% of Greek gods are irredeemable douche bags. Even Athena, whom I revered as a child for her combined previews of art, wisdom, and battle. Now I realize that turning someone into a monster simply because they are a better seamstress than you is incredibly petty, especially for someone with phenomenal cosmic power and a legion of followers.

When it comes to the Greek pantheon, I now revere Hephestus for his ingenuity and work ethic. The guy wasn't perfect by any stretch, what with getting forceful with Athena and all. But between being lame, remarkably intelligent, and ballsy enough to chain his wife, Aphrodite, and Ares together mid-coitus and drag them in front of the other gods to demand retribution: Hephestus is the celestial equivalent to Dr. Gregory House.

Well, that's my ramble for this evening. Makes me want to read myths by a warm fireplace.


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